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On this site we have everything you need to cook and entertain outdoors from leading brands such as Weber Grills, Horizon smokers, Grill Dome and Texas barbecues. Everything you need for grilling from gas grills, charcoal grills, maybe a fire pit to extensive outdoor kitchens.

Entertaining outdoors has to be one of the most pleasurable experiences, but to be successful you really need to have the right grilling equipment. To some people a small grill for eating outdoors with the family is all that is required, others like to throw parties for friends and family and require something more extensive. We are sure that no matter what your requirement are, you will not only find it on this site but we will guide you to the stores with the lowest prices.

BBQ Grills

bbq grillsBBQ grills are incredibly popular, and with good reason. Who doesn't enjoy cooking and eating outdoors.

BBQ grills are available in many styles and sizes with many different features available depending how simple or sophisticated you want your grill to be. Different fuel sources are available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

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BBQ Smokers

bbq smokersBBQ smokers not only cook food but impart that unique flavor that only a smoker can give, and what better way to enjoy smoked food than fresh and hot straight out of the smoker.

A BBQ smoker is also a great talking point. Many people have grills, but a smoker is that bit different and will add an extra dimension to any barbecue. For the best of both worlds, you can buy barbecue grills with a built in smoker, how good is that.

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Kamado Grill

kamado grillKamado grill cooking has to be the most versatile you can find in any style of barbecue grill. Kamado grills allow you to slow cook, or cook fast at high temperatures. Because of the enclosed design meat retains moisture and will be juicier than cooking on an open barbecue.

A kamado grill with it's enclosed design is safer than most other grill designs. The ceramic shell, as well as retaining heat, adds protection from the hot charcoal. Indeed, Grill Dome state that the ceramic shell will never get hot enough to burn. The enclosed design also means no flare ups or spitting. These can be major deal breakers if you barbecue where there are children around.

A kamado grill not only grills and smokes, but you can even cook pizza or bread. In fact, anything that can be cooked in a conventional oven can be cooked on a kamado grill, but with the added flavor from cooking on a barbecue.

We feature the top kamado grill manufacturers that sell online at discount prices, grill dome kamado grill, Primo grill and Saffire grill, all top featured kamado grills.

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Patio Heaters

patio heatersPatio heaters are perfect when the temperature drops but you still want to enjoy the outdoors. These days patio heaters are available in many different styles including gas and infrared electric heaters.

As well as conventional pole heaters you can also buy rectangular heaters designed for attaching to walls, gazebos or other garden structures.

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chimineaChiminea are a more traditional looking way of adding warmth to your garden or patio. Chiminea blend well into most gardens and patios and therefore look good and provide a focus point, even when not lit.

Many Chiminea are provided with grills and accessories, so not only do they function like an outdoor fireplace, but can also be used to grill food at the same time. Although it does have to be said that cooking capacity might not match that of a large purpose deigned grill, cooking times will be extended over those of a charcoal grill.

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Fire Pits

fire pitsFire pits not only provide warmth but are an amazing center of focus when entertaining outdoors. Fire pits also produce a decent amount of light that is more subtle than electric lights and creates an entirely different atmosphere.

Fire pits can also be used for cooking and are therefore extremely versatile. When the cooking is over, it continues to provide warmth and light.

Fuel can be provided by gas or wood, gas being an advantage in areas where wood smoke may be a nuisance or even not allowed.

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Fire Pit Table

fire pit tableA fire pit table has all the advantages of a fire pit with the added bonus of being able to be used as a conventional table as well. Most come with an infill, so when not lit you have a completely flat table.

Sitting around a fire pit table with friends after dark is highly enjoyable experience. Fire pit tables produce an atmosphere that will be loved by everyone, as well as being a fantastic centerpiece and focus point for entertaining outdoors.

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Fire Bowl

fire bowlFire bowl are not dissimilar to fire pits, and as the name suggests are bowl shaped.

They are loaded with fuel and provide warmth and a light source in the garden or on the patio. They provide a focal point for entertaining outdoors and can also be used for cooking by placing a grill over the flames.

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Outdoor Kitchens

outdoor kitchensOutdoor kitchens are perfect if you cook and entertain a lot outdoors. With an outdoor kitchen everything you need is easily to hand. As well as a grill an outdoor kitchen area can include refrigeration, storage, outdoor ovens and much more.

You can build and outdoor kitchen to be as extensive as any kitchen indoors, or simply have a few items that make the difference when outdoor cooking.

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The grills, BBQ grill, fire pit and grill accessories we feature are of the highest quality from leading brands such as Weber.

We will always seek out grills and grill accessories at the lowest prices without compromising quality.